Journal #13 for Ideas in Antiquity

By: Rikita Spencer

November 19, 2020 5:06pm

After two more student led presentations today, we took our final quiz for Ideas in Antiquity today. Two questions regarding my project mate’s and I’s presentation were on the quiz. I truly enjoyed the final project. I had fun planning it and executing it with Ernestasia and Nyara. Not to toot our own horn but I really enjoyed engaging with the class and Dr. Sandridge and our presentation was fun, exciting, and purposefully relatable.

November 24, 2020 3:37pm

So today was our last formal class and last presentations. Zainab, Cyan, and Mashayla presented on their chosen topic which was the movie Freedom Writers. We discussed the assignment and discussion questions. One of them being the scene where the students become the teacher and the teacher is learning new things. Genuine interactions and observations can provide teachers with context and information about who students really are, what they think about themselves and the world around them, and the tools they personally need in order to learn.It is important that teachers pick up on body language, gestures, and every little thing a student may utter because it lets the teacher know that particular’s students strength’s and weaknesses and what they need to do as teachers to help them retain and learn information. We then talked about the scene on the slide which resulted in someone later asking an interesting question. I’m pretty sure it was Chison. She asked, “Is doing the wrong thing good if it is helping other people?” I think yes and no. I’m big on helping others but it is never in a way that will detriment others. So I guess I’m siding more with the answer yes.We then talked about the improvement of the characters throughout the film and if they were able to grow in their leadership or not. This was then connected to the legendary, iconic, Mrs. Ida B Wells-Barnett. They talked about the fourth scene which was the line game. They compared this scene and the entire movie to traits from Binti. They then talked about the fifth scene which was Mrs. Gruwell showing the Holocaust museum to the students. The students were touched and learned something at the face of tragedy. Thenw e had a discussion scnes 6 and 7. We talked about menos which is mental strength and courage. We then went over plotting our leadership development questions from Dr. Sandridge usual format. Then we transitioned to Alexia, Chisom, and Selam’s group. There chosen topic was the movie The Colored Purple, starring Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey. I know this is a classic movie and is a very important watch, but I have never seen it. I have always heard of it and recognize some clips, but I have never sat down and watched it. I remember being little and seeing my mother watch it as I was passing through the living room. It was on the scene where Whoopi Goldberg’s charcter is shaving her father (or some man’s) facial hair and she is tempted to slice his neck instead.

The Colored Purple (1985)

I am familiar with Cynthia Erivo though. I remember seeing her on YouTube performing as Celie in the Broadway rendition. The group showed her performance of I’m Here. I absolutely love that performance. Dr. Sandridge successfully compared that performance to Moana’s song. Cynthia Erivo has so much talent it is insane. Her playing Celie on Broadway truly opened up the door for her to play Harriet Tubman in the movie Harriet last year. In University Choir, we are planning on singing the song she performed in the movie titled Stand Up. Another wonderful song that has so much emotion and pain and Cynthia did an amazing job co-writing and exquisitely performing it. Anyway, we discussed the themes of the movie. The group made an emphasis on connecting Lysistrata to the movie. They discussed and connected the quote from Alice Walker. Then we talked about our favorite part and or character from the movie. As I stated above, mine is the shaving scene and my favorite character is Ms. Celie. They then discussed Celie being a bad mentor which as first I was puzzled by but then after they explained it, I understood. I loved when they showed the scene of Sofia (Oprah Winfrey) confronting Celie. Such an iconic line if you ask me. We then talked about what characters impacted Celie’s development. Obviously Sofia after she snapped on her. But out of everyone, Mr. Johnson impacted her tremendously. Then we talked about (to comparison of the movie) if leaving an area can help with your leadership development. Yes yes yes absolutely a thousand times yes. I can a-test to this because for years I use to live in one of the worst if not THE worst state in the United States, Mississippi. I lived there for a long time and I absolutely hated it. I feel bad for people who are from there and never make it out. It’s culture is very mush slow and racist. You’ll see confederate flags in people’s yards and most white people their are in your face racist or micro-aggression’s racist. It feels like you are on an island that doesn't move at all and the time is stuck in 1955. I’m not from there so I had no family there and it made me feel even more isolated which made me shy away and not be confident in myelf or my intellect. When I left to move back to Georgia, it was a weight lifted off my HEART not my shoulders. Anyway, I came into this class with skepticism and I’m leaving with a newfound take on life. Thanks Dr. Sandridge!

Currently a Psychology Major at the illustrious Howard University.