Journal #8 for Ideas in Antiquity

By: Rikita Spencer

October 15, 2020 3:12pm

Before this week, I had heard of Ida B. Wells. I just knew she was an African-American female journalist who was also one of the founders of the NAACP. As everyone knows, the NAACP is an organization that stands for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored people, and was founded by black intellects at the beginning of the 20th century. Other than that, I didn’t know much about Ida B. Wells. So her speech being our assigned text this week is interesting and excting. She is actually mentioned on a show I watch on Oprah Winfrey Network titled Queen Sugar. One of the main characters, Nova, is a journalist. One of her idols is Mrs. Wells-Barnett. I might use her as my humanity example tomorrow since Dr. S said we could use a fictional character. I absolutely love TV shows and stories on Wattpad. I am a big fan of fiction simply because it’s like escaping reality. I love the art of storytelling, whether it be in film/TV, art, or music. Reading fiction stregthens empathy. Utilizing your imagination strengthens understanding. To put yourself other peoples shoes, and your empathy strengthening is literally the epitome of reading fiction. A lot of studies have displayed that imagining ideas and stories helps ignite the regions of your brain that cater for better understanding others and seeing the world from several perspectives and broadening our worldview. On average, reading fiction makes you happier. It gives you pleasure. In a lot of movies, we often expect a happy ending. Fiction can be much more ambiguous and creative, igniting uncertainty. Creativity is all about uncertainty. It dwelves and thrives in uncertainity. Reading fiction expands our vocabulary. Reading fiction opens up your mind and makes you think more inclusive and equal mindset. Reading elevates stress and fiction in particular deescalates worries. Like I said before, it is my escape from reality. Life is difficult. A lot of the time, interpersonal relationships and hardships don’t have the simple solutions that we all desire.We as a human race need to accept this reality, and how do we do it? Reading fiction! Fiction explores ideas of change, complex feelings and emotions and the inevitable anomaly of life. I have a pretty good memory and I credit that to reading fiction. There are so many studies that display non-readers are more likely to acquire Alzheimer's and dementia later in life.

October 19, 2020 12:25

Nova Borderlon, a character from OWN’s hit show Queen Sugar, is a woman who is in a leadership role and engaged in leadership activity who I consider to be a consistent “friend to humanity”. Nova engages in the behaviors of selflessness and activism that suggests she is a friend to humanity. She is a big advocate for police reform and stopping the school to prison pipeline. She writes about it in her paper and later book. She wants to see everyone winning, even if she accidentally attributes to them losing. Nova does not seem happy/fulfilled in her friendship to humanity though. She lacks self-esteem because of the relationships she puts herself in. She is a pro-black author and activist who is against the school to prison pipeline and throwing black men in jail for senseless things, yet is dating a white cop who doesn’t agree with her views at all. OH! He was also married and had children, so she was an accomplice in his affair. Make it make sense girl. Because of her tumultuous relationships, her happiness isn’t their and it greatly affects her work for humanity. She then goes and dates this woman who is also an activist like her, but their approaches are severly different. Actually, detrimentally different. She was a “by any means necessary” sort of activist. Those means including exposing or defaming her family members characters. Nova did in fact have to overcome several hardships and hard feelings to be a friend to humanity. Her mother passed away as she was discovering herself at the ripe age of 15. Because of this, she began to grow closer to her mothers customs and beliefs. Her father died unexpectedly (which is the drive of the show) and she battled with herself because of it. She felt she wasn’t there enough for him Her father’s passing did encourage her writing though which further encouraged her friendship to humanity. She broke it off with the married white cop as an initial step in her healing. I imagine Nova’s family informs her on her friendliness to humanity. They are the other main part of the show and they are always encouraging and supporting her in all her endeavors. So yes, the friendliness to humanity does come from a sense of duty to her small town Louisiana community. She doesn’t really adhere to a certain religion or philosopy. She adheres to her mother’s voodoo practices though so I assume that is somewhat a form of religion. It is also a spontaneous/natural impulse in her though. She’s the first born so she had to take on somewhat of a leadership role from birth. I do think Nova is a philanthropist or a friend to humans. Despite her mistakes, she has a good heart and is always putting others’ needs before her own. She wants to see others succeed. I think of Oprah Winfrey herself when I think of philanthropists today who are not exactly friends to humanity. Although she has a very giving heart and she seeks out to to tell unheard stories, she sometimes does it in a harsh and too impersonal way. Like I remember she has either a transgender woman model on her show, and the first thing she asked her was about her genitalia. Like the girl couldn’t even sit down before Oprah came at her with a super personal question like that. On live television! How embarassing. Because of this and other instances, I do not think Oprah is always a friend to humanity, even though she is a well know and generous philanthropist. She always about a story and shock value and doesn’t think about the person’s she interviewing’s feelings, and that’s not a very friendly trait.

Nova Borderlon smiling
Nova Borderlon with serious face

October 20, 2020 11:49am

I just got done reading the assigned text of the week. Ida B. Well’s speech: The Requisite’s of True Leadership. It was cute. She was speaking facts. It’s crazy because everything she was saying in 1891 could easily be applied to today’s 2020 climate.

October 20, 2020 7:02pm

We began today’s class talking about if campus will be open next semester. I honestly do not think we will be on campus. Coronavirus is not improving whatsoever. If anything, the cases are increasing. It isn’t helping that a lot of people aren’t taking this pandemic seriously. People are partying and not social distancing. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a mask or not. So yeah a bunch of college students are not going to be able to be back on a campus in one of the most populates cities in the US, the capitol. I honestly hope we don’t go back next semester because with no housing and meal plans and reduced tuition, I’m not in debt. I don’t like the word anti-social but I am kind of that. I am an extreme homebody so when the stay at home order was first placed, I wasn’t bothered. Plus, we have a lot of leeway with school being online if you know what I mean. I do hope we go back in Fall of 2021 though because I would like to have that real college experience. Anyway, we then went into breakout groups to discuss what being a friend to humanity is and what love to humanity is. I was grouped with Faith and Omoneka. We discussed how you can recognize if someone has love for humanity. We came up with hey treat people well, they don’t discriminate. They are people persons, they are fair and good listeners. Then we talked about what percentage of the world did we believe has a strong and frequent love for humanity? We agreed only 20%. A lot of people are greedy and just looking out for themselves. Then we talked about if love of humanity was a choice and how it is or not. It very much is. In as much as it could be determined by environmental factors (like upbringing) it is generally a choice. You see it in their actions. This goes back to the previous question. People look out for themselves and their own interests. That is a choice they make. Then lastly we talked about if leadership or love for humanity is more important. Nothing. You have to love the people you lead because no matter what happens you remember the people and that motivates you to continue.

October 21, 2020 5:34pm

Now I will determine my own degree of love of humanity. There are certain things that I would do fort any and all human beings under the right circumstances. If I saw a struggling human being on the street and I had some extra food, I would give it to them. I do give to most people. I do not greet everyone because I’m a bit anti-social. I would not help everyone is need because some people are scammers.

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